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Bureau de Nutrition et Développement (BND) - World Food Programme (WFP)

The World Food Programme (WFP) is the United Nations organization who’s mission is to put an end to global hunger and poverty.  WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organization.  Each year WFP provides food aid to approximately 100 million people worldwide.

In Haiti, WFP works in tandem with the government to execute its assistance programs for people in need. WFP provides substantial support in the areas of healthcare, education and emergency assistance.

WFP operates primarily in the North, North East, North West of the country, with limited operations in the West. They operate a warehouse in Cap-Haitian and two warehouses in Port-au-Prince to stock provisions.

BND has been partnering with WFP for several years. BND has been charged with the management of WFP’s two warehouses in Port-au-Prince. This operation encompasses approximately 40,000 square feet of storage space. This collaboration is made possible through the efforts of a  professional, well-trained and dedicated staff. BND is very pleased by this colloboration which is not only limited to warehouse management activities. BND encourages fostering this type of relations which facilitate mutual exchanges with regard to the development of WFP’s program in Haiti as well as that of European Union, managed by BND.

Only recently emerging from a violent political crisis, Haiti is suffering the casualties of several natural catastrophies. Having already been ravaged by both Ivan and Frances, the country is currently dealing with the devastating flooding in the northern parts of the country left behind by Hurricane Jeanne, specifically in the Artibonite Valley and the the North West. The number of victims is staggering: more than a thousand casualties, more than a thousand people still missing and approximately 300,000 left without homes. WFP, in colaboration with a number of national and international organizations, has already started efforts to provide food aid to the victims. Trucks laden with food leave the WFP warehouses, managed by BND, daily in convoys across sunken and washed out roads to relieve the suffering of a population that’s lost everything.

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