Wyclef Jean Visits World Food Program (WFP) Warehouse in P-au-P

Sat. Oct. 30, 2004: Early this morning one of Haiti's most famous sons, Wyclef Jean, visited one of the WFP warehouses which are run for WFP by the Bureau de Nutrition et Développement (BND) in the Parc Industriel "SHODECOSA".

For several weeks WFP has used these facilities to prepare its daily shipments of the food, gifts from different donors (U.S.A., E.U., JAPAN, etc., as well as their own purchases), destined for the citizens of Gonaives, a city North of Port-au-Prince, which was recently seriously hit by the effects of Hurricane Jeane.

Shipments destined for Gonaives leave the WFP/BND warehouses in "Shodecosa" daily. 

The WFP-trucks leave "Shodecosa" in a MINUSTAH/U.N. convoy.  Other international organizations, NGO's and local organizations have also joined these convoys, protected by the U.N. military in Haiti.

Wyclef Jean did not only visit the WFP warehouse but played, together with the WFP/BND employees, an active role in the unloading of one of the rice containers and the stacking of the bags.

A few hours later, Wyclef Jean left the  "Shodecosa Industrial Parc" in order to make a visit to the victims in Gonaives.